Specialists in failure

The photographer, playwright and good friend Andrew Lee has written a thought provoking text to accompany my new show- here’s an excerpt (the full text to be installed at the Tarpey Gallery- opens this Saturday 28.02.15…

The beige-grey platforms like paper-bags of commerce, cheap envelopes through which bills or TV license threats come, are the platform for our two dimensional selves. Hersey’s characters are chasing dreams increasingly inauthentic, disengaged, detached, pedalling harder and harder and never seeming to get anywhere. Hersey’s work leaps out at us in rich unambiguous monochrome, the stances of his subjects, themselves from found photographs, are reinvented again and again, just as are we. Is it us we see in the images, or is it them, or is it us in them, or them in us. Does it matter?
Hersey, revisits neoliberal codes and reveals the insidious tropes in our daily lives. Where does our world lead us, as we rush headlong faster and faster into debt, reinvention, faddism, fashion and further and further from ourselves convinced we’re making progress.
The seeming hopelessness invokes us to think outside the logic that we are internalising, Paul Virilio’s endo-colonisation, the importation of toxic and intrinsically mutant systems and structures into our DNA threatens to dehumanise us. The systems that support prosperity have seemed to have taken on their own irrevocable logic that is stealing us away.

Don’t give me that do goody good bullshit I’m in the hi-fidelity first class traveling set And I think I need a Lear jet
Money, Pink Floyd