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Sheffield Research trip

My new residency project with Bank Street Arts will be a guerrilla exhibition in various corners of Sheffield’s streets. The city has a very rich graf tradition, with which I could not possibly complete, but I am hoping that my little series of ‘site specific illustrations’ will not blight the cultural landscape too much. Here a few snaps from the day…

IMG_0300 IMG_0311 IMG_0312

I could quite happily spend the whole day just photographing the echo of such creativity, after it has gone, or rather got ‘gonned’ :

IMG_0307 IMG_0320

There are some peculiarly sculptural found phenomena too!:

IMG_0315 IMG_0316

…as well as some rather superb type both hand drawn and traditional:

IMG_0308 IMG_0309


New print series

Am selling out, selling on and prostituing myself shamelessly… again. New print series, with new editions being launched every week. This series from¬†pencil studies made as part of the series ‘Bimmers’ – reflecting the way identity is shaped by brands and statements in fashion, behaviour and life choices. Visit to browse or buy…


Design work?

Have volunteered a new design for my good friends at the Rad Dad Collective…

Theres something very old school about the collective, real roots people. Love the dedication to the wider cause of Urban arts. As such I developed a logo that used that old school combined lettering reminiscent of the old Oakley logo from my bmx-ing days…


Its going to be used on their hip website… as shown below